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I'll do anything except nsfw, furry/anthro (eventually though once I practice!), mechs, and fetish art.

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stealing this from :iconbossusaurus: cause I'm always in a ship mood

1. Post these rules.
2. Post 6 facts about your OTP.
3. Tag 6 other OTPs.
4. Post the OTP name along with their creators' avatars.

Instead, just give me a ship and I'll give some facts about them! I have so many of them I swear it's hard to keep up;;; as I stare at the friends that remember them better than I do Just lay it all on me I'm in headcanon hell (especially Fire Emblem so those ships are always welcome)

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Sourpatchshipping (Ryouga "Shark" Kamishiro/Rhyme Gardner) | Yu-Gi-Oh! -- suggested by :iconsilentacid:

  1. Jesus christ these two did not get along when they first met. Rhyme's brash and pushy attitude paired with Shark's usually standoffish nature didn't mesh well, causing them to butt heads often. The only reason they even really remotely started to hang out was because of Yuma. That boy's like a weird friendly magnet that you just gravitate towards. If it wasn't for him, the two of them might have never even given each other the time of day.
  2. Because Rhyme bakes a lot, she tends to have a lot of things to give out. This led to her giving them to people to get rid of them. Of course, this included Shark, but she told him that they were mostly for Rio and he could "have some if he wanted some or whatever." Too bad Rhyme's really good at doing things unconsciously, because there were quite a few shark-shaped cookies in that batch. And cue Rio forever laughing her ass off in the background.
  3. When they actually got comfortable around each other, Rhyme would actually constantly ask (read: pester him) to ride his motorcycle. Of course, the answer was always no. Well, except for one time he let her on just to shut her up, then he realized that Rhyme is actually the worst backseat driver and that they're never doing that again.
  4. Fun fact: Rhyme's favorite creature is the hammerhead shark. When she had first heard that there was a student at her new school who went by the name Shark, she was actually kind of excited to meet him. Too bad her temper turned that meeting into a nightmare. She started talking a big game, tried to duel him, got her ass handed to her, and then swore a life of eternal rivalry that really didn't last.
  5. They're both actually quite impressed by each other's dueling skills. Although Rhyme talks big, she kinda feels like she could learn a lot from Shark by watching his duels. I mean, she'll never tell him that to his face, but the feeling's there. Rhyme actually has a few notes jotted down here and there of some of the duels she's watched him participate in, and he sometimes takes the time to give her pointers. This was especially helpful when it came to tag duels, since cooperation is one of Rhyme's biggest weak points.
  6. Once their differences were (mostly) put to the side, Shark became a very good anchor for her. He got so used to dealing with her and recognizing her behavioral patterns that he learned ways to get her to calm down. He made it a lot easier to help her keep her promise to her mother, which she was actually really grateful for. Of course, Rio teased him about this because that means he's spent time actually trying to get to know her.

RoseRaptorshipping (Shun Kurosaki/Eli Komatsu) | Yu-Gi-Oh! -- suggested by :iconaneko-tan:
  1. Shun is completely aware of how much Eli's scarf means to her, to the point where when a time came along and it ended up getting swept into the wind, he immediately offered to help her get it back without her even having to ask. Which was actually a good thing, because it ended up getting caught in a tree and she was too short to reach for it.
  2. The two of them are actually extremely comfortable around each other. Whether it's sitting in silence or having small conversations, they enjoy their time together. They just see each other as really nice companions that understand each other. Coffee breaks were really common for them before the attack since they could just use that time to talk about trivial matters.
  3. Because they're both in similar situations due to his sister Ruri's capture and her brother Shiro being sealed into a card, they end up working as each other's rocks during that time. Academia's attack on the Xyz Dimension was sort of a turning point in Eli's life, leading her to have to break out of her generally self-involved shell and be more on the offensive. Of course, this means that she'd often rush into things without thinking about her own safety. Shun ends up stepping in and stopping her before she does something stupid, and she does the same for him. She's still a lot more level-headed than him in that regard, but both of them do have a hard time coping with the loss of two very important people in their lives.
  4. Adding onto that, Shun basically became Eli's main source of comfort after Shiro and Ruri were taken. Because Shiro was the only real immediate family she had left, she didn't really have many people to talk to since she didn't keep much company outside of school acquaintances. He was always someone she could go to to talk about whatever she had on her mind, and she takes solace in that comfort.
  5. Just a little fun thing: Shun actually has to keep peanut brittle away from Eli. She actually has a pretty bad peanut allergy, which they found out through a circumstance of Ruri giving her a bit of peanut brittle to try without telling her what the hell she was tasting first. It actually makes her kind of sad, because she actually loved the taste. If they were ever out shopping and Eli stopped to look at some, he just kinda pulls at the ends of her scarf to pull her along.
  6. Shun has gotten extremely good at reading Eli's facial expressions and body language. He's noted that she actually has very specific tics whenever she has something going on. Small things like her tapping her foot three times during a conversation meaning that she has something she really wants to say, her looking to the side and adjusting her scarf means that she disagrees with what you're saying, etc. Just a lot of small things that Eli herself didn't even notice.

Awakening Trio (Odin, Selena, and Laslow) | Fire Emblem -- suggested by :iconmeta-akira: (I'm gonna use my main Awakening file pairs as well as my Fates for these so I have stuff to go by for their parents and the kids; basically Odin's dad is Ricken, Selena's dad is Lon'qu, and Laslow's dad is Henry. Selena is married to Tsubaki, Odin is married to Elise, and Laslow is married to my avatar named Iris)
  1. We all know Selena is the one to set those two straight, whether it be in Ylisse or Nohr. Sure, Odin and Laslow have gotten a lot better after dealing with Grima as well as serving as Leo and Xander's retainers respectively, but she's always had that go-getter competitive attitude that, while overbearing at times, reminds them of the good old days.
  2. They definitely share lots of stories about their parents while in Nohr and look back at their time with them. Whether it be nostalgia or just trying to make any of the others feel better, it just feels nice to have others to confide in and it's not just one of them there dealing with this situation alone.
  3. Since both of his parents were mages, Odin really felt like magic ran rampant in his veins. Selena and Laslow were 100% sure he was better with a sword, but they thought it was really admirable that he wanted to honor his parents that way.
  4. Laslow had a little joke about calling Selena Blackberry when they were in Ylisse, but ever since they arrived in Nohr, that nickname couldn't stick due to her hair being changed to her mother's red hair. Even now, it's still sort of odd to him getting used to their new hair. He likes his current color, but he does miss that off white hair... It was really important to him as sort of a reminder of his father, and having it gone is still strange.
  5. Although she'd never admit it, Selena will always see Ophelia and Soleil as her own children. The two of them often call her Aunt Selena and even though she looks annoyed at it half the time, she actually loves it deep down. Actually, all three of them still can't seem to believe how much the two of them look like their grandmothers, down to the hair color.
  6. The three of them spend a lot of time bragging to each other about how wonderful their lieges are. Like, this is actually a thing. Leo, Camilla, and Xander probably know about this, but they don't really step in since it's sort of amusing. It's just really nice to see the three of them get along.


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I'm Ami, but most people call me Zio. Feel free to call me Ami if you like though! I ship too much and I'm in love with a fox boy so that's a thing. I hope we can get along!

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